Bataan Getaway

2 Aug

Three weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to tag along a road-trip to Bataan. It was organized by friends from my current employment.

I had an hour and a half of sleep the night prior so imagine my uncomfort the entire day but all I can say it was all worth it. I love travels.

On my way to our meet-up place, I had the opportunity to see the sunrise. It had been a while since I have experienced this. I was late even with a grace period of 15min but I told myself, if they were to leave without me, my early morning wake up time was already worth it. Below is my view from inside the MRT.


Sunrise view at 5:35am

There were three pick-up points in this trip with the six of us coming from five different locations.

Here is the itinerary prepared by our driver and travel coordinator.


0530am sundo gv/tere from MRT landmark area

0600am sundo mam jo/anna at hbc intersection.

0630am Pick-up mam thams at bulacan

0800am Otw stopover for bfast

0900am arrive at Bataan

0930am Mount Samat (Dambana ng Kagitingan), Pilar Bataan

1030am Optional: Dunsulan Falls (50.00 fee)

1200nn lunch at Lolengโ€™s Hu Tieu-an

0130pm Pawikan Conservation Area / Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Morong Bataan

Las Casas Filipinas chenelou
Bataan Tourism Center, Balanga Bataan
Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga

0430pm Genoโ€™s Ice Cream (Orani, Bataan) — passable along national road (coming from plaza mayor)

0500pm uwian time

0730pm drop mam thams at bulacan

0800pm drop mamjo/anna at mindanao ave

0845 drop gv/tere at trinoma area


Please see the members of the Bataan gang below.


Jev brought sandwiches, siomai, and siopao and Ma’am Thams also brought paninis so for breakfast and light snacks, we were all covered.

First stop was Mt. Samat. The road up was a little bit tricky and nauseating but the view when we got to the top was so worth it.


On the way to the museum, this is the view.


This is the landing site after the stairs.


My attention was also caught by the floor design. Credits for the below photo is owed to Anna Cruz. I also took a photo of the floor with Jev and now, thinking about it, how I wish I had someone took a photo of me sitting on it as well.


Beautiful floor!

I know my sisters would comment on my choice of footwear and I might regret this in the future but as of the moment I love my crocs. They were oh so comfortable the entire trip.




When facing the structure of the landing site, you will see a door on the leftmost area. That is the entrance to the mini-museum below.


Because I came from a recent Asian trip that had so much historical content, I had not that much interest in reading nor appreciating the contents and value of the mini-museum.

After the Tanghalan ng mga Bayani, we went on to go and see the cross further up the mountain. The guards on duty at the gate told us that we wont be able to see come near the cross because maintenance are ongoing but still we went on. True to what the guard said, the immediate area to the edifice was inaccessible. It was surrounded by trees as well thus it was a challenge taking pictures of it. So, more of the group shots. Below shows the winding road.


The next item on the list was Dunsulan falls which was initially ticked as optional. What I can say, the 50php entrance fee was pricey for what we were able to see and access. As was the initial plan, this can be crossed off from the must see places in Bataan.


Just so I can fully avail of the money I spent, I had more pictures taken. Thanks to Jev for the photo!


The sun was shining of and on. We were very fortunate that it started raining when we were inside the car enroute to our third destination, lunch!

Loleng’s is famous for their beef hu tieu-an and that was what we ordered along side the bahn-my. I don’t know what is the difference of a hu tieu-an to pho but I loved it! For 50php a bowl, it was a steal. This place is a must visit when you are in Morong, Bataan.


I dont want to create a very lengthy post so I will continue this story on a new emtry. And Loleng’s was the highlight of the entire roadtrip, aside from the company ofcourse, so its just proper that I end the first part with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


1 Aug


I’m an escapist. It would seem that I like talking to people, have lengthy conversations with them, however this is not true at all times. I only like to talk to people when its no fuss and no conflict conversations.

The moment anything goes south, all I always want to do is stop talking and just leave.

I have been never good with conflicts. This was how I lived until I started working and acknowledging that I escape every time a conflict strikes.

Initially, I thought of it as procrastination, that was what some people have pointed out as well. However, upon deeper introspection, I saw it was more than that thus I slowly and painstakingly, up to this very day, am trying to learn how to manage conflict, how to manage not escaping….

Loving You

24 Jul


Most of the time we let our selves be consumed by the ongoings in our lives that we become reactive to things only as they come along and in the process we tend to forget to give our own self the same intensity of love and attention that we so freely give to other people.

Do not leave your self behind. Do not forget your self. Remember that your relationship with your own self sets the tone of the kind of relationships that you build with others.

It is not selfish that you love your self. It is a necessity.

Keep this in mind, always. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

My Coffee Story

22 Nov

Yes, another coffee story and not the fancy one at that. I was just inspired by my yummy coffee this morning so I decided to over share by posting something in instagram, linked it to my FB accout and now posting this story in my overly neglected blog. ๐Ÿ™‚



I got into drinking coffee when we interned for Intel on our fifth year in college all because there was free coffee in the library, always. That was where we usually spend most of our free time and eventually got wind of the free coffee thus it became our favorite spot. Two sachets of Nescafe 3-in-1 on a small cup of hot water was heaven for me.


Then in 2011, somebody gave me some white Ipoh coffee (was it you @axia_so2 or somebody else and I sometimes ask you to buy for me?). I was hooked! Thus the hoarding that happened when we went to SG and KL and even convinced @sterabigail to buy a couple packs of 20s (I guess I bought 10 packs thus the many hand-carried shenanigans) This went on for a while since from time to time, I can buy this stuff at SM grocery. However at x2 or x3 of the original cost.


Im not really the kind who cannot function without my daily dose of caffeine. I totally can. But there are times that you just crave to dip that hot pandesal in an equally hot coffee (raise your hand if you can relate!).


Thus the discovery of Kopiko Brown is like heaven sent to me. At 1/10th of the ipoh price, this brown coffee is euphoria with 25 to 50 ml of hot or scalding water. I love love love Kopiko Brown!




This week

3 May

I always want to get in touch with friends, just so we can be with each other, we can talk about serious and trivial stuff, and we can just stare at each other’s faces. As much as I want to do that, life can has a tendency to be so consuming that I often neglect to keep in touch with everyone. However, this week was super fun! I happened to have dates or meet-ups with relatives or friends everyday since last Sunday. All of these happy circumstances, as is the usual in this blog, involved food and merry little talks more on catching up with each other.


My sister wanted to buy a doctor’s coat in Bambang and she asked me to accompany her. When we were done, we decided that we will have dinner somewhere. She wanted to try Vikings at MOA. However, I am really trying to cut back on all the eating, so we decided to eat at Mann Hann instead.

We should have gone for the Megamall branch because (1) Diane had a little slippery accident when we entered the mall, good thing no broken bones (I had to catch the security’s attention that the premises was a customer hazzard) (2) Mann Hann and Conggo Grill (third choice) was closed due to an ongoing renovation (the leaky ceiling caused the slippery floor where Diane slipped). We ended up walking along the mall grounds close to the “By the Bay” area and that was where we found Buffalo’s Chicken and Wings. We had nachos as a starter and a sample platter of chicken wings (choices were New York’s, Sweet BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan) and NY dirty rice as mains.


We ended the day with a trip to the Robinson’s Pioneer My Flawless branch for some in-dire-need facials.


I wanted to go to the weekly aerobics session at the head office canteen but was not able to bring gym clothes to work so the plan was changed to either a meet up with friends or go home early. It was mainly the latter until Annetot sent me a message that she wanted to meet. She suggested that we go to Burgos Circle, which I was not familiar with. I also had to deliver her power bank orders. So, with the necessity to deliver her orders and the intrigue that comes with discovering a new place, the dinner date was set. There was an array of restaurants to select from, all of which looked really promising we had a hard time choosing.

Early that day I had pho for lunch (at Wabi-Sabi) so when Wrong Ramen was chosen, I was a little bit hesitant. However, the foodie adventurous side of me won over everything. I have heard and read of reviews about the place and with that, I really want to try their dishes. This instance presented itself more as an opportunity that was really hard to pass on to.

Pho from Wabi Sabi

Pho from Wabi Sabi

I ordered Tantanmen, and it was AWESOME. The broth alone was soooo good. It wasn’t smoldering hot but the entire time I was eating while chatting with the Santiago couple, the temperature of my noodles and soup was right on the good spot. I highly recommend this place. My ramen experience is very limited but this, I think, is the best that I have tried so far. No more seasoning needed. It just hit the spot for me.


To cap the night off, we wanted to get desserts. We went at a corner establishment ( I forgot the name) that served beers and steaks but, as per my friends, the place was really a restaurant not a bar. They were familiar with the old menu so they ordered a little pot of hot chocolate and it was heaven. Yum yum! I want to go back for more and I definitely will.

The cakes that were available were not so appetizing to go with the hot chocolate (Ill update later once I get the name of the establishment) so we decided to go to Bar Dolci, initially for the macarons but we ended up buying their gellato. We had 2 flavors each so I was able to try 6. Buko Pandan, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Pistaccio, Blueberry?, and I forgot the other one. Best artisinal ice cream I have tried so far.



I didnt have plans for this day and I was very open to meeting up with friends or go home directly to catch up on sleep (I went home past 1am the night before). It was leaning more on the latter but at around 4:30pm, a friend sent me a viber message saying he was free for our often-cancelled coffee-catching-up session. Because I had the new Dark Mocha Panacotta Frappucino for snacks, I asked him if we can have dinner instead of coffee and he agreed.

It was my first time at the Flying Pan. I have heard that they served good food however prices are a bit steep. I was craving for anything with rice that night so I ordered thier gourmet Tapsilog. It was good, better than the usuals, because it was made with angus beef. However, considering the price and the taste, it isn’t something that I will definitely go back for more.



This is the second week of the could-be-a-tradition Wednesday meet-up with the CIAD girls. We were supposed to talk about our summer outing but as always, we ended up talking about gossips and what nots. From the random topics that were being discussed, I was able to have a heartfelt one-on-one opportunity with one of them.



Initial agenda was the usual, go home early. But I thought of going to a dinner date with my sister Gemille. So by lunch time, I sent her a text message saying I wanted to try the newly opened ramen place in SM Light. I asked her to come with me and told her it was my treat.

The reason for the invite was that I was still on a noodle high days after Wrong Ramen. I was game for more ramen! I was a little bit disappointed that we cancelled our trip to SM Light. It was because we had to buy some stuff for the house that I think we can only get (more options) in SM Megamall. When we were on our way to SM, I thought we should try something new. So, I guided my sister to the eating places in the Fashion Hall area. It was on the third floor where we found this ramen place called Rosanjin.


They had 100php off all their ramen so we got the ramen, gyoza, and unli rice deal. Soup was not as warm and flavorful as I wanted it to be so I had to add soy sauce and chili powder. The only thing great about their ramen is the meat that came with it. It was so delicious and flavorful and I also liked the runny boiled eggs. Gyoza was just okay.


I have been asking my BPI friends to come with me to avail of the breakfast buffet by Something Fishy in Eastwood and I was so happy that we finally pegged a date and it was the Labor Day morning.


Something Fishy is part of me already. We’ve been in a steady relationship (hahahha!) for years so as long as it continues to operate, I will always come back for more. We ended the binge eating very early so we made a little walk around the citywalk bazaar (at the activity area).

Next on the agenda was to go to Baclaran. Maam Pre and I covered four malls and ended up buying a lot of stuff for 1000php more or less. Later in the afternoon, we went to the tea place of our friend in Malabon. For a quaint shop at a little town, the milk tea and food they were offering were great.



I was planning on having my eyes checked for quite a while already and I planned to have it done this weekend.ย The previous day, the people that I was with at the milk tea place saw the garments that we bought. Because they were really a bargain, Des wanted to buy some for herself as well. So, I told her about my plans and she said she wanted to tag along and have her eye glasses replaced too.ย Truth be told, if it wasn’t for my appointment with Des, I would not have crossed that task off my list.

Our next destination was Baclaran for some thrift shopping. That was where we easily spent nearly two hours of our time. The last place that we went to, after picking up my glasses, was SM North Edsa. Earlier that afternoon, Des told me that she needed to buy an external hard disk drive. She had no idea what and where to buy so I offered to accompany her. We ended our Saturday with dinner at Shakey’s.


All in all, this week was AWESOME!! Im so happy and privileged to have friends that I can be with to pass the time full of ย fun stories, crazy antics, and valuable inputs. I really thought that was it but look at the “cherry” on top of my delicious “cake” of a week! Thank you Maya!


March 2014: UP Diliman with the Siblings

6 Aug

For every little achievement or for nothing but quality time, my siblings and I make it a point that we eat out. Yes, that is how we bond.

One of the many restaurants that I often take friends to is the Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman. This place being a favorite had to be in the list of our got-to-eat-with-sibs-here places. I am no connoisseur but the reason why I often go back is not because of the food, but because of the experience.

I usually go there in a cab which was how I got to the place with my sibs. But because of the seasonal visits, I panicked after a while of roaming inside UP and not finding the restaurant. At that time, a lot of the areas were barricaded for an event. That got me so confused. I decided that we navigate by walking instead. Good thing I know this shortcut to the resto that can only be accessed by walking. ๐Ÿ™‚ So we got off the cab near the oblation statue. Yay! Photo opportunity!



And then we walked.



The Chocolate Kiss is housed in the Bahay ng Alumni. This can be found across College of Fine Arts but when you ask around or when you ride the IKOT jeepney, simply tell the driver to drop you off Bahay ng Alumni.


We enjoyed my usuals or staples namely Beef Strogannoff, Honeyed Baby Back Ribs, and Chicken Kiev. Not to miss out on is their House Blend Iced tea. Its bottomless so keep on asking for refills not only of the tea but of ice, honey, and calamansi. You will ask for more. Thats how good their iced tea is. For dessert, we had the chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake. ๐Ÿ™‚


After the meal, we loittered for a bit and spent some time in the sunken garden to smell the grasses. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ofcourse, we had to take sibling selfies.


During this time, I still had my red hair. Due to it being over processed (too much coloring), my hair was so frizzy that I often wear it like this.


As I have said earlier, I go back for the whole experience. I cannot really say it in words but even if I have done this for a number of times already, every visit still makes me feel like repeating it over and over. It must be because I havent been there twice with the same set of people thus every visit is like a new experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Im Still Here!!

6 Aug

I have been meaning to write for some time now but life took over aka I procrastinated.


So, to make up for it, I am posting stories about food trips I did with my siblings and friends from the last couple of months. ๐Ÿ™‚